How to DISRUPT Any Industry When You Have A Great Idea

Jul 31, 2022

When it comes to disruptive technology, a great idea is always important. But an idea alone is simply not enough to be a game changer. The biggest disruptor is money. When it comes to product or service ideation, product or service development, the biggest disruptor is not how good the idea is. What really matters is whether you have money to fund the project. You can’t fly to the moon without money; even if you have the scientific capacity to do so.

Suppose you have an idea that you know is capable of having an impact. But you don’t have the capital needed to launch the product or service quickly. In this case, you may have to develop a financial roadmap that involves taking baby steps to reach your funding goal... because if you really want to have an impact, you will find creative ways to fund your project. And it may take considerably longer, but it can still be done.

Remember: Great ideas don’t always matter. The biggest disruptor is money. If you find this information helpful, please share it with a friend.


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