Entrepreneurial Mindset: How to Program Your Mind for Success

Feb 01, 2023

Beginning with a losing mindset is a common problem for entrepreneurs. But with a few adjustments, anyone can shift to a winning mindset. In this article, we will revisit the theme of the entrepreneurial mindset. More specifically, it will provide guidance on how to properly prepare your mind for success.

You will learn the following:

  • The best entrepreneurial mindset for business
  • Why entrepreneurial mindset is important
  • How to develop a winning entrepreneurial mindset
  • How to program your mindset for success

Recently, there was an interesting question that caught my attention: “How do I ignore the mind trap of: well other people are already doing this, so I cannot be as successful?” So, let’s break down what this person was really asking. And that is, "In a crowded market, when should you just give up because too many people have already successfully implemented your idea?" Or maybe the market leaders are already too dominant and you might be wondering if it is even worth it to try and launch your idea.

Well, first, this is not a Justin Leonard approved entrepreneurial mindset. Winners never think this way. Instead, the approach should be one that starts with the belief that you can do as good or better than what’s already out there.

Consider this: the majority of people who watch a particular athlete are marveling at their physical ability, sportsmanship, and competitiveness. But there’s this small group, the one percent, who are like, "I can beat that guy." Also, let’s suppose within that same group, some of them may not want to be extreme competitors. They’re not necessarily aiming to be number one. But they may say, "Hey, I have seen everything out there and I can at least be in the same class or caliber among the best of best. This is the entrepreneurial mindset needed to be successful in business.

So, you should take the approach that you can do as good or better than what’s already out there. By the way, this is also closely associated with the entrepreneurial mindset needed to overcome other obstacles you will face as a business owner. And just like the one-percenter thinks (I can beat that guy), you will invariably have to take on the same mentality to deal with obstacles as a business owner.

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