Business Traction and When VCs Begin to Take Notice of Your Startup

Aug 02, 2022

Hello everyone! Here is a short article on something really interesting regarding venture capital (VC). Suppose you're an entrepreneur in the tech space. More specifically, the online or mobile tech space... and you're starting to gain a significant level of traction; meaning more and more people are learning about the product or service you offer. But there is a point in which venture capitalists really begin to take notice of the momentum and milestones.

The trend right now is if you can get about 100,000 new subscribers annually, the VCs will begin circling like sharks. And let's say you're trending at, say, 60,000 new accounts annually, you're onto something. And it doesn't matter how you arrive at these figures. If you can create a website or mobile app for comedy, animal lovers, rock collections... it doesn't matter... and people are signing up at this rate, you're on your way to the big time. The reason this is significant is because for one, it's hard to achieve, and two, as long as those subscriptions, those accounts, are there, money can always be made whenever you have a large following. So, the magic number, again, that gets eyes on your project is a growth rate of about 100,000 new subscribers a year. This is when the big money investors will take notice of your creation.

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