Are You Cut Out For Entrepreneurship?

Sep 29, 2023

In this article, I am going to tell you about an entrepreneur mindset shift that occurs once a business starts to gain momentum.

I have been a business owner since 1998, and one interesting aspect of entrepreneurship that I discovered, which I believe separates winners from losers, is you have to be able to make money no matter what: regardless of who the president is, regardless of economic conditions, regardless of whether your favorite team won or lost, regardless of the threat of inflation, regardless of the US budget deficit, or even the prospect of a looming recession.

As an entrepreneur, you cannot go to your employees and say, "Hey sorry, but the business cannot pay you because of the current situation happening in the world right now." Great entrepreneurs have to make money no matter what. 

It can be challenging and sometimes there is just no easy way to solve the problem. But that winning mindset has to be there... the mindset that you can power through and come out on top in any situation. 

Are there potential threats to your business that you have to worry about? Sure, challenges will always abound whenever you choose the path of entrepreneurship. But they should be approached like a competition; meaning once you become aware of the potential threat, the challenge, you simply have to account for it and then power your way through it. 

Entrepreneurs have to think differently than everyone else. Always stay focused and beware of distractions because business survival has to take priority. Otherwise, you will become a statistic. Peace


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