Marketing for Singers and Musicians: How to Get Noticed in a Crowded Market

This episode highlights seven marketing strategies for singers and musicians. Are you looking to gain new followers? Veteran business owner Justin Leonard addresses a common problem among singers and musicians: They are great at performing, but not so great when it comes to entrepreneurship. Aspiring singers and musicians struggle to gain traction because they don't understand various aspects of running a business; such as how to market themselves. The solution, according to Leonard, is to transform from artists into real entrepreneurs. He provides 7 marketing strategies for singers and musicians.

You will learn the following:

  • Marketing Strategies for Singers and Musicians [7 Effective Strategies]
  • How to Market Your Brand Using Advanced Methods
  • How to Gain New Followers Without Spending Money
  • Social Media Marketing for Singers and Musicians
  • How to Get Noticed as a Singer in a Crowded Market
  • Best Marketing for Music Artists

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This podcast is presented by the Leonard School of Business Innovation, where the focus is on entrepreneurs who don't come from wealth, but have the potential to be great. The following resources were mentioned in the episode:

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